Here at Carroll’s Hallmark we stock an excellent range of wonderful Butlers Irish Handmade Chocolates.

Think of it like this:  if chocolate can cheer you up just a little bit during the course of your busy day (and it can), then perhaps you’ll greet the next person you meet with a smile. And then perhaps that person in turn will be a little bit more cheerful when they next meet a fellow human being.  And so on.  Hey, you never know.  Sooner or later we could be looking at a whole little community of happiness. Okay, so it’s just an idea.  But it’s one that Butlers are very happy to be putting into practice. 

Why not drop into Carroll’s and check out the raspberry truffles, or a hazelnut one, or one of those pralines, or whatever takes your fancy.

With Carroll’s and Butlers we hope you’ll agree that we’ve succeeded in bringing a little happiness to the world.

Willow Softtoys at Carrolls Hallmark Willow


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